Childish Gambino

We love Donald Glover

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  • I'm getting really tired of Donald's shit. I want my mixtape. 😩😫😭 MY EMOTIONS


    We’re right there with you bud

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    Followers, I need your help (unrelated post)

    My laptop broke for the third time, this time beyond repair. My question(s) is(are) what laptop do you have? Have you had any issues with it? What kind of laptop would you recommend? I’m a college student, and write and take pics a lot. I’d like a fast processor, for it to be sturdy and have a smaller screen (mine was 17 inches…way too big). I’m writing this on my phone, so just inbox or reply to this post


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    Is it really true Donald Glover will be in Magic Mike 2


    If we were lying that would be a pretty specific lie, having not seen Magic Mike myself. No it’s for real.

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    Donald Glover will be joining Elizabeth Banks and Channing Tatum in Magic Mike 2

    "Joining Banks and the previously revealed Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith and Andie MacDowell are Donald Glover and Michael Strahan, all of which are playing new roles in ‘Magic Mike 2′ (officially titled ‘Magic Mike XXL’)."

    Read more at ScreenCrush.

    [via /r/donaldglover]

    Where's that recent gif from of Gambino rapping 3005 in a music video? I've only seen the Ferris Wheel video.


    He did a commercial for Milk, a new samsung app or something. It’s a music discovery app.

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    Donald Glover bruh


    The Pressure. Directed by Donald.