Childish Gambino

We love Donald Glover

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  • When Stefan ponce likes your selfie….. And you’re all like woah, I was front row when you opened for gambino

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    Band of Outsiders fall 2014 lineup & Childish gambino

    looks like an OF cover


    Childish Gambino will be featured in the fall 2014 campaign for Band of Outsiders

    Read more on Complex.

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    Any updates about his game?


    I think maybe that was just for the music video. Like just so he could use that format for the music (I believe anon is talking about the video game trailer for Because the Internet with Zealots of Stockholm playing in the background that can be found on thedeepwebtour blog).

    But no, no updates on the game.

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    Spinrilla just played me.


    Something I made in lieu of Donald Glover getting the role.