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  • Did anyone else see the Arby’s commercial and thought the beat was from “you see me”?

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    When your song comes on


    Childish Gambino @ Splendour for Channel [V]

    "slow news day"

    So if you guys watched that freestyle Childish did in Sydney (scroll down to view),  you’d have heard that he called out Kendrick, Drake and Schoolboy along with “everybody”, claiming he was the best in the rap game. He followed it up by tweeting “slow news day”. 

    There might be some backlash to that because imo, that freestyle was terrible. But at least he’s stirring the pot because I feel like he doesn’t have beef with anyone and that’s no fun. 

    Be ready for bloggers to come out the ass with their opinions on the matter.

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    Check out this freestyle from Gambino’s show in Australia. 


    Childish Gambino - ‘3005’ Live at Splendour In The Grass

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    Last night was pretty great. Second row in front of 5,000 people was intense. Childish Gambino was incredible.