Childish Gambino

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  • Whats a good quote to get tattoed from him? I want to get one somewhere under my biceps, near my armpit down to my elbow possibly. I was thinking of getting "Money is power, Honesty is power, Truth is power." Any suggestions from anyone would be great. Thanks


    Man, it’s gotta be something that matters to you. Don’t get a tat that you can’t connect to. So you keep listening to him and once you find the right message, you’ll know.

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    Am I the only one that thinks he's so underated?


    He is slept on for a few reasons:

    A) people can’t get past his comedic/acting background

    B) his voice isn’t consistent with that of mainstream hip hop

    C) he’s not trying to be a rapper. He’s not just a rapper anymore; he’s a creative. Not bound to just one thing.

    But mostly because of the first reason

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    You hype for the Ariana Grande song that he's in?


    That radio song she’s got out now makes me annoyed with her but shit I’d listen to any verse by bino

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    I am a thick Filipino chick and I purposely wear homemade bracelets just to live up to Gambino's expectations.


    Yeah but your booty make you just a rapper so you ain’t gotta say shit.

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    Question: is there a part 2 to letter home? Cause that post made me conflicted lol if so please provide a link or something


    No I was misunderstood; someone had put a Westwood freestyle he did over the letter home instrumental as a remix. Search YouTube or rapgenius to find the freestyle.

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    Also I think if he woulda done a verse on What Kind of Love, it woulda been supa hot fiya

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    Holy fuck I just got that line on not going back:

    Ain’t you read the fuckin book Things Fall Apart?


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    nah I totally agree with you that culdesac is better than royalty, I think that people like royalty better because it's just more popular since no one kinda bothered to listen to anything earlier than that and also maybe the features on royalty also helped it become more popular???


    I was a sophomore in hs and training for a cycling event and that was when I started listening to Gambino. I downloaded Culdesac and that was my shit when I was riding. I connected with the lyrics and his dreams when I sat down and thought about it.

    That’s the great thing about music: you can find any reason to listen to and connect with it.

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